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8.00 pm, Saturday Feb 24th, 2024

It’s time for the second installment of THE COLD LEMONADE READING SERIES, our writers’ workshop hosted by Morgana Kate Watson.

With five more talented authors presenting 10 minute pieces read by a cast of actors, with discussion to follow this session looks to be as much fun as last month!

So, let’s find out who’s who this month

BRIAN FEINBERG earns his living as a medical editor and keeps his sanity as a member of the local theater community.

PATRICIA GOODMAN began acting when she was a child, gathering neighborhood children to participate in made-up front porch plays in which she was always the star, and continuing in school plays through her college years. From there she graduated to community theatre, acting and directing throughout Connecticut and Westchester County NY, where she and her husband founded the Pound Ridge Theatre Company. Patsy now lives in New Fairfield where she teaches dramatics at the Senior Center and stages fun productions with its members. She appeared recently with The Sherman Players as the grumpy Mrs. Fraser in Stepping Out.

GEORGE BARNETT has written screenplays, television pilots and stage-plays since 2006. His most recent play, Oat Squares, has received positive feedback and will be produced in various forms in 2024 in Connecticut and Massachusetts. In addition, he made his acting debut in the spring of 2023, and has run a writer’s group for many years.

ERIN K. MOFFAT has had a passion for the arts since childhood and has been directing, writing, and performing since a young age. She has worked behind the scenes in film and television, co-founded a youth theater company, and written an original musical. She often has a million ideas in her head at once, and a myriad of scripts going at any given time. Erin is so excited, and grateful to have this opportunity with the Sherman Players.

MICHAEL C. O’DAY is the Co-Creative Director of Naked Angels’ Tuesdays at Nine cold reading series in New York City, which is like Cold Lemonade but with exponentially more angry New Yorkers. His plays have been presented at the Playwrights’ Theater of East Hampton, Lower East Side Festival of the Arts, O.C. Play Festival, and the New York Fringe Festival. His latest, How to Pronounce Samhain, will be featured this coming June at the Valdez Theatre Conference.

And once again your host is Cold Lemonade founder Morgana
MORGANA KATE WATSON is a professional writer and performer from Brewster, NY. Her written and performed work has been seen all over New York and Connecticut, including at the Sherman Playhouse.

So, what’s The Cold Lemonade Reading Series all about? 

Every month the works of  5 local writers, selected in advance by host Morgana Kate Watson, are presented on the Sherman Playhouse stage as  10-minute extracts, read by a team of actors, followed by an opportunity for discussion of the pieces with the authors.

Authors – If you have a piece you’d like to have included in upcoming Cold Lemonade sessions, just contact Morgana at  Also look out for our website and social media posts with info about submission deadlines.

Actors – if you want to flex your thespian muscles just turn up at 7pm on the night.  Morgana will have scripts and will cast the lineup for each reading from who is present – just make sure she knows you are there.  Simple as that!  And while casting can’t be guaranteed for this session (roles aren’t unlimited, after all), don’t worry there will be more sessions for you to strut your stuff. In the meantime, sit back, relax, and enjoy a great night of theater!


The readings will commence at 8 pm.

If you’d just like to come along to enjoy the readings and support your local writers and actors, we’d love to see you there.

What does it cost?

There’s no fixed amount for attending, though we encourage you to make a small donation at the door to help cover costs.  We’ll have our usual range of concessions available too.


For more info see our Facebook event, or email Morgana at

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