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Carrie Audition Notice


Auditions for Carrie: The Musical  – Sunday June 26th and Monday June 27th

The Sherman Players will hold auditions for their production of CARRIE: THE MUSICAL, directed by Bradford Blake with music direction by Charles Smith.

Audition dates are Sunday June 26 from 6 pm – 9 pm and Monday June 27 from 7 pm – 9 pm at the John Pettibone Community Center, 2 Pickett District Rd, New Milford, CT 06776. Do NOT come to the Sherman Playhouse to audition.

The production is looking for 6 MEN and 8 WOMEN to complete the cast, playing ages 16 to 65.

All roles are open and all ethnicities are welcome.

Carrie White is a teenage outcast who longs to fit in. At school, she’s bullied by the popular crowd, and virtually invisible to everyone else. At home, she’s dominated by her loving but cruelly controlling mother. What none of them know is that Carrie’s just discovered she’s got a special power, and if pushed too far, she’s not afraid to use it.

Set in the present in the small New England town of Chamberlain, Maine, CARRIE: THE MUSICAL features a book by Lawrence D. Cohen (screenwriter of the classic film), music by Academy Award winner Michael Gore (Fame, Terms of Endearment), and lyrics by Academy Award winner Dean Pitchford (Fame, Footloose).  It is, of course, based on the novel by Stephen King.

All actors must provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 in order to audition.

The production will run September 30 – October 22 at the Sherman Playhouse, Sherman CT.

Dialogue sides will be available if the director asks you to stay and read something.

Headshots/photos and resumes are not required but gladly received. Please bring your availability schedule to the audition.

Please come prepared with a ballad and up-tempo that show your range. Maximum 32 bars each. You may only be asked to sing one but please have the other as a back-up in case the director and music director need to hear more from you.

  • Be sure to bring sheet music in YOUR KEY. Your 32 bars should be clearly marked as to where to start and where to finish.
  • A pianist will be provided and all auditionees must sing with the piano accompaniment. No a cappella and no recorded tracks will be permitted.
  • Please no charts, fake books, music on phones or tablets. Music should be in a binder or on no more than two loose separate sheets (no stapled music) so that it’s possible to set it on a standard music stand. If it is in a book, it needs to stay open when it’s on a music stand.

All Roles Open. All ethnicities and races welcome.

CARRIE WHITE : Female, should read 17 onstage Painfully shy outsider who, in spite of her best efforts to belong, has been a victim of her classmates’ cruel jokes since childhood, as well as her mother’s strict, biblically ordained control at home; transforms from ugly duckling into graceful, and then vengeful, swan; vocally, she must be capable of lyrical sweetness as well as fierce power. Mezzo-Soprano.

MARGARET WHITE: Female to play 35-50 Woman of visceral extremes; balances her fervent religious convictions with equally sincere true-believer spirituality and tender, maternal love for Carrie; in the end, she proves to be a religious extremist; like Carrie, with whom she shares several duets, her voice must range from expressive and melodic to ferocious and frightening. Soprano.

SUE SNELL: Female, to play 17-18 AUDITION INFORMATION A popular overachieving student. Her unthinking participation in a cruel act of bullying causes a crisis of conscience that leads her on a complicated emotional and psychological journey to make amends. Smart with just a touch of shrewd edge. The play is told through her memory. Vocally, she has a pop ballad voice that delivers sincerity and strength. Mezzo-Soprano.

TOMMY ROSS Male, to play 17-18 Handsome, popular star athlete, and all-around standout. Yet he also has unexpected, quirky sensitivity and is just starting to mine his personal life and feelings – a budding poet. Effortless pop tenor.

CHRIS HARGENSEN Female, to play 17-18 Rich, spoiled, and dangerous. Loaded with sexual dynamite, and serious daddy and anger management issues. Her voice is pop/rock percussive: rangy and powerful. Must be an equally strong dancer. Implied sexual content. Mezzo-Soprano.

BILLY NOLAN Male, 20s A dangerous, sexy, trashy, stupid-like-a-fox bad boy beholden to Chris’s bidding. His voice is that of a wailing rocker. Implied sexual content. Baritone.

MISS GARDNER Female, to play mid-30’s The girls’ no nonsense P.E. teacher. A tough disciplinarian, Carrie also arouses within her a surprising instinct to protect. Warm and powerful pop belt.

STEPHENS / REV. BLISS Male, to play 30’s – 40’s A still sexy English teacher and guidance counsellor not quite connected to the world of his students. Doubles as Reverend Bliss, the voice of a radio evangelist.

NORMA Female, to play 17-18 A bitchy gossip with an artistic hipster edge. Norma is second-in-command to Chris’ queen bee.

FRIEDA Female, to play 17-18 Sue’s sometime friend. A drama dork, she’s an easy going, get-along follower and a tireless extracurricular committee volunteer.

HELEN Female, to play 17-18 A leggy cheerleader. Giggly and easily shocked, her immaturity and need to belong make her the perfect example of the herd mentality.

GEORGE Male, to play 17-18 A jock. Preppy. Somewhat unsure. Tommy’s wingman since childhood.

STOKES Male, to play 17-18 A bit of a nerd, he’s happy to be sometimes included as one of Tommy’s posse.

FREDDY Male, to play 17-18 The wise-cracking class clown and official yearbook photographer, he can’t believe any girl would ever give him the time of day.

The Sherman Playhouse is a non-Equity theatre company located at 5 Route 39 North (next to the firehouse) in Sherman, CT.

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