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AUDITION NOTICE – Personality Conflicts


The Sherman Players will be holding auditions for


Written and directed by Dean Alexander   

Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd April2023 

At the Sherman Playhouse from 7-9.30 pm 

Gary has his heart set on asking Mary Ann out on a date. The problem is, he experiences a full-blown panic attack any time he gets near her.

PERSONALITY CONFLICTS takes us inside Gary’s subconscious mind, as he tries to sort through his personal issues to uncover the key to his past that will ultimately allow him to move forward with his interpersonal life.  Turmoil, both in Gary’s head and in his physical reality, ensues as the different aspects of Gary’s personality engage with one another.

Subsequently, this leads him to seek help from a therapist, who assists him in deciphering the messages that his subconscious mind is sending him.  This allows Gary to discover something about himself that he had long since forgotten and leads him to question whether he would have simply been better off leaving well enough alone in the first place.

PERSONALITY CONFLICTS is an original play by Dean Alexander, which will be presented over the first two weekends in June as part of our SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS program.

The show runs for 6 performances June 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 9th, 10th, 11th 2023.

The production is seeking nine actors.  There will be doubling of roles.  All race, ethnicity and gender identifications are encouraged to audition.

Auditions in person are preferred, but if you can’t make the dates please contact us via our contact page for information on alternative options.

All actors must be vaccinated against COVID.

Audition sides are available HERE


Gary: Male – late-20s to mid-30s

Randy: Male – late-20s to mid-30s; Gary’s co-worker, friend, and roommate. Fun loving dufus, prankster

Sal: Male – 40 to 50; Subconscious Activities Liaison, responsible for over-seeing Gary’s entire subconscious mind.  All business, controlling

Iddy: Male – early 20s; Gary’s Id. Immature and impulsive. Close relationship with Egon

Stephon: Male – 40 to 50; Gary’s Super Ego. Rigid. Rule oriented. Responsible for overseeing Egon. Maybe not as smart as he thinks he is

Egon: Male – early 20s; Gary’s Ego. All about self-gratification. Good friend of Iddy’s. Self absorbed

Pat: Male/Female – 30s to 40s; Gary’s feminine side. Responsible for issues concerning feelings and communication. Can be played by a female, but character identifies as male

Monty/Gentleman: Male – 20s or 30s. In charge of Gary’s Sense of Humor Center. British accent

Jim:  Male/Female; Memory Attendant in Gary’s subconscious mind. Voice only

Scott: Male – 60s or older. Mary Ann’s blind date

Mother: Female – mid/late-20s; Gary’s memory of his mother when he was a very young child

Father: Male – mid-20s to mid-30s; Gary’s memory of his father when he was a very young child

Felicia: Female – 20s to 60s; Gary’s co-worker and friend of Mary Ann

Emily: Female – 20s to 60s; Gary’s co-worker and friend of Mary Ann

Controller: Male/Female – 20 to 30; works in the Control Center in Gary’s subconscious mind.

Attendant: Male/Female – 20s to 50s. An Assistant in Gary’s Sense of Humor Center. British accent

Connor: Male – mid-20s to mid-30s; Gary’s conscious mind

Janitor (2) Male/Female – any age; responsible for cleaning up clutter in Gary’s subconscious mind.


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