Vote NOW for your favorites at the Sherman Playhouse has opened voting for their 2022 Connecticut Theatre Awards   

And we have loads of nominations for shows, actors, crew and creatives – and also for Favorite Local Theatre.  It’s been a great year at the Playhouse with stunning successes that we’re so proud of.  We’re doubly proud of the nominations that have been earned too!

See the list below, and go to to place your vote.
You will probably find it easiest to do this from your computer, or if going via a mobile device then download the BWW app.  Just voting via link above on a phone can be a little tricky – lots of ads and confusing buttons.
PLEASE NOTE:  You’ll be asked for your email address, but at no time should you be asked to download anything or enter credit card details.  If you encounter either of these it means you’ve clicked a pesky button.
Also be aware that the first block of nominations are for Professional CT theatres, then come non-professional, like us.

Here are our nominations:

  • Best PlayStepping Out
  • Best EnsembleStepping Out
  • Best Supporting Performer In A MusicalErin Shaughnessy (Sue Snell), Carrie
  • Best Direction Of A MusicalBradford Blake, Carrie
  • Best Scenic Design Of A Play Or MusicalBrad Blake & Al Chiappetta, Carrie
  • Best Choreography Of A Play Or MusicalTina Morrissette, Stepping Out
  • Best Music Direction & Orchestra PerformanceCharles Smith, Carrie
  • Favorite Local Theatre

If you want a reminder of what fabulous shows we’ve had so far this year, why not check out our Photo Gallery

And of course, while we really hope you vote for us, if you’ve seen other local shows then why not show your support for them too!


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