Closer Than You Think

Pop Quiz…  Where is Sherman, Connecticut?

A. Just South of the North Pole
B. Far far away
C. I dunno
D. Closer than you think

If you answered D then well done, award yourself a gold star!  If you answered anything else then…. Really?

You’ll find the Sherman Playhouse at the heart of the Town of Sherman, nestled in the foothills of the Berkshires.  Whilst the Appalachian trail passes through the town, you may be surprised to hear that it’s not the only way to get here.

We called in the experts (Al Chiappetta with Google Maps) to calculate drive times from some local landmarks.  You may be surprised at how quickly you can get here.

Take a look below or use the Google Map at the foot of the page, and we’re sure you’ll agree that Great theatre IS closer than you think!

LocationDistanceDrive Time
Amenia NY (22/343)24 miles31 minutes
Bethel (53/302 Sycamore)17 miles31 minutes
Brewster NY (22/311)16 miles23 minutes
Brewster NY (84/684)17 miles24 minutes
Bridgewater (67/133)10 miles15 minutes
Brookfield (4 Corners)12 miles20 minutes
Danbury (Mill Plain Rd @ WCSU)17 miles28 minutes
Danbury (Roger’s Park/ Rte 53)15 miles29 minutes
Kent (Rte7/341 @ Monument)12 miles17 minutes
Litchfield (Green)25 miles38 minutes
New Fairfield (Rte37/39)9.5 miles17 minutes
New Milford (Big-Y plaza)6 miles11 minutes
New Preston (202/45)14 miles22 minutes
Newtown (Flagpole)20 miles33 minutes
Patterson NY (22/311)8 miles17 minutes
Ridgefield (7/35)20 miles31 minutes
Sharon (4/41)26 miles36 minutes
Southbury (84/67)24 miles36 minutes
Warren (45/341)19 miles27 minutes
Washington Depot (47/109)14 miles25 minutes
Wingdale NY (Train Station)10 miles14 minutes
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